West Midlands Basketball League

The Clive Hurst Summer League

The Summer League was introduced at the end of the 1975-76 season as so many teams wanted to continue getting their basketball fix through the offseason. It has continued to run every summer since in various formats, most recently of a round robin league structure.

As there are no restrictions on team composition, Summer League often leads to interesting team compositions along with teams and players not normally seen during the regular WMBL season.

Year Winners Runners-up
2019 West Brom Basketball Lordswood
2018 Lordswood Smithswood Sabres
2017 Trojans West Brom Basketball
2015 Arden Griffins Churchbridge
2014 Wolverhampton Slam MLC
2013 Tile Hill Smithswood Sabres
2012 Lordswood Balts
2011 Balts TCAT
2010 Wolverhampton CC Churchbridge
2009 Redditch
2009 Redditch Sils
2008 Chase Panthers Balkan Express
2007 Chase Panthers Warley
2006 Just Hoops Breakers
2005 Chase Panthers Pro Guard Pistons
2004 Redditch Bromsgrove
2003 Avon Valley Redditch
2002 Lasers B Shropshire
2001 Shropshire Warriors ICC Thunderbolts
2000 Lasers Musketeers Bushbury Blazers
1999 Bilston CC
1998 Chase Panthers Bushbury Blazers B
1997 Bushbury Barton Colts A
1996 Oaklands Shire Oak A
1995 Oaklands Shire Oak A
1994 Lasers B Shire Oak A
1993 Apollo Sils Lasers A
1992 Oaklands Lasers A
1991 Warley Konica Generals
1990 Small Heath Burywich
1989 Burywich Lions Lasers A
1988 Mount Pleasant 3C Warriors
1987 3C Warriors Raj Mahal B
1986 Bennetts Bank 3C Warriors
1985 Tile Hill Tigers Kerrs Kar Parts
1984 Mount Pleasant 3C Warriors
1983 Aylesford Hawks Sportsco
1982 Incol Solihull Wulfrun
1981 Holyhead A Incol Solihull
1980 Holyhead Dons
1979 CT Tigers Ward End
1978 Solihull A Warley A
1977 Quaiffe & Lilley Leckie A


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