West Midlands Basketball League

Stanley Pears Trophy

Stanley Pears (no.10 above), was a founding member of the Ward End Basketball Club that later changed its name to Atelier and TEC for sponsorship reasons. Although seriously ill Stan continued playing and on his death his colleagues donated this trophy in his memory, to be awarded to the team who displayed the most sporting atmosphere both on and off the court in the opinion of the other clubs in the league and the referees.

Year Winner
2014/15 Featherstone
2013/14 Birmingham Mets
2012/13 Balts
2011/12 Hawks
2010/11 Redditch
2009/10 Wyre Forest
2008/09 Old Sils
2007/08 Swinfen Hall
2006/07 Smithswood Sabres
2005/06 Balkan Express
2004/05 Shropshire Warriors
2003/04 Hagley Hawks
2002/03 Blakenhurst
2001/02 Bushbury Blazers
2000/01 Scorpions
1999/00 Chase Panthers
1998/99 Bushbury Blazers
1997/98 Warley
1996/97 Kidderminster
1995/96 Bushbury
1994/95 Shropshire Raiders
1993/94 Godiva Warriors
1992/93 Apollo Sils
1991/92 DHD Shrewsbury
1990/91 Kinver
1989/90 Bridge Trust Hornets
1988/89 Potterton
1987/88 Worcester City


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