West Midlands Basketball League

Premier Division

The Premier Division Trophy is engraved 'Premier Invitation Division for West Midland Amateur Basketball League' and was presented to the League by Keith Tomkin. The first presentation was made at the end of the inaugural season 1965-66 to Old Norts who went on to dominate the league for the first four years. 

Keith Tomkin was Secretary of the Basketball Federation and helped establish the Officials Federation that was founded in the early 1960's. He was a member of the West Midland League committee and fondly remembered by his contemporaries as one of our more eccentric referees. The Premier Division has remained an invitation league to the present day.

Year Winners Runners-up
2018/19 Shropshire Warriors Birmingham Mets
2017/18 Birmingham Mets
2016/17 Balts
2014/15 Birmingham Mets Smithswood Sabres
2013/14 Birmingham Mets Smithswood Sabres
2012/13 Birmingham Mets Balts
2011/12 Lasers Worcester Kings
2010/11 Worcester Wolves II BC Bears A
2009/10 Shropshire Warriors A Wolverhampton CC
2008/09 Wolverhampton CC Lasers
2007/08 Wolverhampton CC Warley A
2006/07 Warley A Wolverhampton CC
2005/06 Warley A Wolverhampton CC
2004/05 Warley A Wolverhampton CC
2003/04 Warley A Oaklands
2002/03 Wolverhampton CC Warley A
2001/02 Warley A Bushbury A
2000/01 Warley A Wolverhampton CC
1999/00 Warley A Bournville
1998/99 Warley A Bilston CC
1997/98 Bilston CC Warley A
1996/97 Bilston CC Warley A
1995/96 Warley A Bournville
1994/95 Bournville Warley A
1993/94 Warley A Bournville
1992/93 Warley A Wolverhampton Warriors
1991/92 Lasers A Warley A
1990/91 Warley A Bournville
1989/90 Warley A Nuneaton
1988/89 Bournville 3C Warriors
1987/88 Bournville Warley A
1986/87 Oaklands Bournville
1985/86 BAI Juniors Oaklands
1984/85 Warley A Oaklands
1983/84 Car Bar A Potterton Hawks
1982/83 Car Bar A Wulfrun
1981/82 Wulfrun Warley A
1980/81 Holyhead A Wulfrun
1979/80 West Brom YMCA Wulfrun
1978/79 Cork & Bottle CT Cardinals
1977/78 BWB Eagles West Brom YMCA
1976/77 Bulldogs Henley
1975/76 Bulldogs West Brom YMCA
1974/75 Sheldon Bulldogs
1973/74 Birmingham University Bulldogs
1972/73 Dons Exhall Eagles
1971/72 Dons Birmingham Exiles
1970/71 Bulldogs Dons
1969/70 West Brom Dons
1968/69 Old Norts
1967/68 Old Norts
1966/67 Old Norts
1965/66 Old Norts


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