West Midlands Basketball League

Mac Fessall Award

McMilton Fessall was a young enthusiastic member of Holyhead Basketball Club who, while refereeing a third division game between Worcester City and Sportsco, collapsed and died on court. The League received donations and with his parents consent this award was created to recognise those unsung heroes of every basketball club. Not the 'star' players but those who work unselfishly behind the scenes on behalf of their club.

Year Winner
2014/15 Cecil Gordon
2013/14 Gracen Maynard
2012/13 Dave Bradshaw
2011/12 Barrie Viner
2010/11 Kevin Henry
2009/10 Pete Goodwin
2008/09 Nigel Evans
2007/08 Glen Chilton
2006/07 Kim Griffiths
2005/06 Denise Kearney
2003/04 Scott Mounfield
2002/03 Stan Millington
2001/02 John Taylor
2000/01 Jason Forrest
1999/00 Mike Steel
1998/99 Peter Davidson
1997/98 Anthony Vaughan
1996/97 George Gane
1995/96 Andy Maturi
1994/95 Elaine Gordon
1993/94 Nigel Evans
1992/93 Paul Virgo
1991/92 Bryan Bradley
1990/91 John Taylor
1989/90 Derek Winnett
1988/89 John Mcfarlane & Roger Brett
1987/88 Terry Cash
1986/87 Trevor White
1985/86 Stan Millington
1984/85 Syd Smith


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