West Midlands Basketball League

Division 3

Division Three was introduced at the start of the 1970-71 season as the League developed. By the 1972-73 season it had developed so much that it divided into Division 3A and 3B. The division ran for 29 seasons before returning in 2007/08 and has been running strong ever since.

Year Winners Runners-up
2018/19 Northwood Valiants Stafford Spartans
2017/18 Shrewsbury Storm
2016/17 Yardley Defenders
2014/15 Bromsgrove Bears Bartley Rangers
2013/14 Shropshire Warriors B
2012/13 Shelfield Sharks Churchbridge B
2010/11 Cheslyn Hay Wolverhampton Big Sky
2009/10 BC Bears B Walsall Wizards B
2008/09 Wyre Forest Flames Bromsgrove Blaze
2007/08 Weston Hoops Blazers
1997/98 Aston Manor Eagles Bushbury B
1996/97 Warley High Lasers Musketeers
1995/96 City Challenge Triple B Shire Oak B
1994/95 Golden Arrow Rockets
1993/94 Apollo Sils A Chase Bucks
1992/93 Moreton Jazz Bushbury
1991/92 Churchbridge Incol Solihull
1990/91 Bulldogs Coleshill
1989/90 Lovell Homes Aston Uni
1988/89 Bilston College Lasers B
1987/88 Small Heath Stadium Swifts
1986/87 Mr Deep Freeze
Grand Tandoori
1985/86 Bridge Trust Hornets Warley B
1984/85 Worcester Saracens Wolverhampton Windows
1983/84 Riley Bournville B
1982/83 West Mids Police KN Cougars
1981/82 Holyhead B Old Marts
1980/81 Ward End Kingfishers
1979/80 BCA Pathfinders Oakwood
1978/79 Vulcans A Bournville
1977/78 Aldridge Saints Aston Uni
1976/77 Bushbury Bristnall Hall
1975/76 Bulldogs B Leckie B
1974/75 West Brom Tech Warley High
1973/74 Phoenix Erdington A 
1972/73 RAF Stafford Northfield YMCA
1971/72 Duddeston Rockets RAF Cosford
1970/71 Old Marts Bulldogs


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