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News Report

WMBL Planning to Return in October


Finalising of teams and fixtures in progress

The below has been adjusted from an email circulated to club secretaries by Vice Chair Barrie Viner

I know that it has been a while since we have been able to participate in organised basketball and both I and the committee thank you all for your patience whilst we build to the restart of league basketball in our region.

We did not know when the pandemic first hit in March 2020 that it would take this long to get running again and even then, we are holding our breath a little as we approach the winter.

Having said that, we have had strong interest from clubs looking to participate and we have taken the time to restructure the leagues to make the numbers more equal. This and the fixture list are in the progress of being completed with the intention to start the league on Sunday 10th October 2021. 

Whilst we will try to schedule fixtures to end by early April, we currently have no intention to hold a summer league in 2022 and have instead stated that we are prepared to allow the season to run beyond its normal end date of the end of April if required to make up for any covid disruptions.

We will continue to run the Rosebowl and Knockout Shield competitions and we gave great consideration as to whether we should try to continue the competitions from 2019-20 which had reached the semi-final stage. However, with such a time delay, playing squads will have almost certainly changed and the previous handicapping will be wrong. Add to that the fact that two of those teams have not re-joined the league and we had no choice but to concede defeat.

We as a committee are well aware that our Constitution requires us to hold an AGM prior to the new season and we were quite prepared to book a room at Nechells to allow that but after speaking to many committee and club members, there was a reluctance to attend such a large meeting of people at the current time and as such, as a committee we have used our executive powers to remove that requirement for the current season. 

Instead we will issue secretary reports to each club in a separate email to allow any questions to be asked. These reports will be posted onto the website ahead of the season. We hope that you agree that this is an acceptable alternative.

NB - whilst we have waived league entry fees for the coming season, any New Clubs will still be required to pay the League Surety Fee that all clubs are required to pay when they first join the league.  This fee is £ 50 and you should please contact the League Treasurer using wmbltreasurer@gmail.com to obtain payment instructions.

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