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Update on Upcoming WMBL Season


Vice Chair Barrie Viner details plans for a full 2021-22 season including free entry for clubs

With the BE Return to Play Roadmap continuing on schedule the WMBL is excited to announce it's plans to run a full league season in 2021-22, and as previously advertised the league entry fee for clubs will be waived for this season!

Vice Chair Barrie Viner has recently circulated an email to previous participants and application forms have already begun rolling in from clubs eager to get back to competitive hoops.  

Any club wishing to participate can download a form and email it to wmblsecretary@gmail.com. Also don't forget to hit the 'Follow Us' button beneath this article to receive emails whenever a new news item is posted!

Below is the full message that went out to clubs via email on March 26th:

"I assume that like myself, the past winter has seemed extra long with the problems around lockdown and the knock on impact of not being able to participate in or watch the sport that we all love so much.

Thankfully as we get ready to put the clocks forward this weekend, the early signs are rising that we may be heading back for some normality and we need to start to make plans for restarting the local basketball leagues.

I appreciate that many clubs have saved money by not paying any licence fees to Basketball England and with that in mind, we are not pushing to organise anything over the summer.

Instead, we are intending to allow teams and players time to get used to playing again and get the touch back with the intention of a full on new season to start at the usual time in the last week of September and first week of October. 

We anticipate that the League will finish as normal by the end of April 2022 but we are prepared to defer that end date and make adjustments as needed for any future disruptions.

We appreciate that the last 12 months has been tough on many clubs and many of you may not yet know how many of your players will return.

To try to ease the burden of some of the set up costs, we as a League have successfully applied to the West Midlands Area Association for some funding to help kickstart the return to structured basketball.

I am therefore pleased to say that all entries for the West Midlands League will not need to pay a League Entry Fee for the 2021-22 season.

To allow us to prepare for an AGM, formulate the new divisions and then create fixtures etc., please complete and return the attached League Entry Application form and return this as instructed as soon as you are able.
This does ask for details of your venue and whilst for many of you that will not have changed, we also accept that some venues may decline bookings in future. That type of information including game day and time can be changed fairly simply, so long as we have the club and team details in the system to start with, so please return your forms.

If you have any queries or wish to discuss your situation, please get back to me and we will be happy to help where we can. 
Best wishes
Barrie Viner"

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