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News Report

New WMBL Site Soft Launch

03/09/19 | wmbl webmaster

Some introductory info for clubs

As discussed at the AGM, our new website is up and running here at wmbasketball.co.uk. 

This site is a lot easier for me to maintain and hopefully will be a more pleasant, consistent and accurate experience for clubs too. 

We've not officially launched but are having a 'soft launch' for anyone who happens to pop onto wmbasketball.com and see the banner.

We will be sending an official launch email out with more information out to each club shortly, but if you're a team secretary and would like to get a head-start here are some things that we'll be expected of each club:

Team Details: Select your team from the league standings to see your teams details. These have been taken from this years entry forms, but there are 32 teams for me to do so mistakes do happen. Please review the details and inform me of any errors and I will correct them.

Registration: TBC following the next committee meeting 10th September.

Results: You now need a League Republic account to submit scores, which is quick and easy, and will make things easier for both clubs and the league. I will be sending details out for this at least 2-3 weeks prior to the season start.

The 2019-20 rules will be published on the site shortly.

Note: We will continue to keep the old site running on wmbasketball.com for a short while, and then it will be taken down.

Any questions or concerns just let me know at wmblwebmaster@gmail.com


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